Skill Management


Today’s competitive environment requires that organizations must use all of their resources optimally.
Besides, people report a higher level of satisfaction when their skills are leveraged to the most of their potential.
This combination makes skill management a key strategic initiative, that simply cannot be ignored.

Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix is an exceptional technique to record and view the skills of all the employees of an organization.

  • Easily visualize your teams’ strengths.
  • Define skills and skill types relevant for your industry, sector, values and culture.
  • Filter by teams, departments, projects and more..
  • Choose the assessment scale that is best for you (0-5,10… ) and customize your own colour code by navigating to the assessment template (red-amber-green-black-blue, and more).

Assessment Template

Define assessment scales that are right for you

Because you know best what type of assessment works well for your organization, department, geography or role, you can choose from a range of scale types: Thumbs up/down; Red-yellow-green; 5 point scales; 10 point scales, and more!

See people’s expertise right in their profile.


The Training module allows for the creation and management of training courses within the company. In BizMerlinHR it allows you to add various Skills to the training along with the Skill Level.

Skill Management in the Modern Workplace