Skill Management

Skills Management

Skill Management

What you focus on will grow

Transparency in Organisation

Transparency in Organization

View everyone’s skill in one place

Streamline Future Planning

Streamline Future Planning

Craft skill based talent strategy

Key Results

Multiple Assessment Framework

Provide skill assessment that works best for you

Easy-to Update

Easy-to Update

Easily manage updates to new & existing skills

work smarter

Work Smarter with BizMerlinHR

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and replace them with a visually engaging skill matrix.  Use configurable views for recording and analyzing the employees’ skill gaps.

Customize Your View

Slice and dice data in skill matrix any way you want by filtering by organizational units, project groups, job profiles and more.  Customize your views and set your default.

Customize Your Skill Matrix View

Skill management unlocks the benefits to access, track and report
skills of all the people in one place

Find Experts in Your Organization

Find Experts in Your Organization

All of your employees and their skills are easily accessible in one place. Filter all of the employees according to their skill sets. Identify knowledge carriers, include them in the projects, or build new roles to help astute organizations optimize their workforce’s potential.

Cover the Skill Gap

Keep track of your skills and use targeted training resources to bridge the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

Cover the Skill Gap

Supplement your Skill Management with Training
and Career Planning

Drive development with trainings

Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills through trainings.

Training & Development

Shape your career plan

Give your employees the visual roadmap they need to easily map skills and actions to the organization’s career growth.

Career Planning

Define | Analyze | Develop

Skill Management in the modern workplace

Skill Management

Implement effective skill management and assessment process in your organization

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Eric Cash

One of BizMerlin’s unique features that we now can’t live without is Skill Matrix which allows us to optimize our workforce by ensuring the right person (either through hiring or internal allocation) is on the right team, working the right project, at the right time to maximize revenues while minimizing HR operating costs across our enterprise.

Eric Cash President & CEO, Crawford Cash Consulting Group