Skill Matrix

It’s always a challenging task for any organization to make sure that they have the right people and the right skills to carry on the work efficiently and effectively. Having a proper skill set among the employees is crucial for the success of the organization. Organizations which don’t have the tools to keep a tab on the skills of their employees are more prone to become inefficient which in turn propels the organization on a dangerous trajectory.

What is a Skill Matrix?

A skills matrix is a visual tool that displays, in the form of a table, each employee’s level of competency in a specific skill set in the organization. Thus it gives a comprehensive idea about the skills as well as proficiency in those skills for each employee. This makes it an essential tool for any data-driven HR professional and the managers while manpower planning and project planning respectively.

Why is the Skill Matrix Important?

Skill Matrix is important for the HR team and the Managers. The HR team is concerned with the skill set of employees in their organization so that they can do effective manpower planning. The managers on the other hand should have a proper understanding about the skill set in their team and skill proficiency while doing the project planning.

Skill Matrix in BizMerlinHR

We at BizMerlinHR believe that proper visualization of skills to the HRs and Managers is crucial for an organization to get ahead on the path of success with effective planning. Our Skill Matrix shows the Skill set with proficiency of each employee in the organization thus giving a comprehensive view of the skill sets in the organization.

skill matrix

The employees can also be filtered through Organization Unit, Project Group, Project, Job Profile and Skill Types. Additionally, there is also an Organization Summary which gives a complete picture of the Skills, Skill Types and the percentage of employees with defined skills and skill gaps.

Effective skills data coupled with impactful visualization is a must for the organizations to be more efficient in a competitive world. Our Skills Matrix has been time and again used and applauded by different organizations as it has given them the required overview for effective planning and getting ahead on the path of success.