Skill Matrix


Skill Matrix

Map skills for better decision making

skill matrix

It’s always a challenging task for any organization to make sure that they have the right people and the right skills to carry on the work efficiently and effectively. With BizMerlinHR’s Skill Matrix aid HRs and managers to get ahead on the path of success with strategic planning and achieve better decision making

Fast and Easy Way to Map Skills

Setting spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Assess employee competencies using a skills matrix to identify strengths, weaknesses, and learning opportunities. Knowing the skill gap might help your company save time and effort and ensure smoother business operations

Impactful Visualization of Skill Sets

Highlight each employee’s skill set along with their proficiency, providing a comprehensive view of the organization’s skill sets.
Filter them by Organization Unit, Project Group, Project, Job Profile, and Skill Types.All skill matrices are automatically color-coded to assist in the visual identification of competency, compliance, and gaps to be more productive.

Track and Develop Skills with BizMerlinHR Skill Matrix

Boost Employee Engagement

Quickly understand what motivates your employees . Assists them in understanding their skill gaps so that they can identify training opportunities required to excel in their position which helps to increase employee engagement levels.

Improved Career Planning and Development for Your Employees

Skill Matrix not only helps employees become a better fit for their current job and team, but it can also enhance their career planning and growth. Knowing what skills you need for the next level or promotion helps in the development of individual.

Save Time and Effort with Auto-update Skills

Forget about manually updating team members’ skills with BizMerlinHR as it goes auto-pilot. Once you complete your training, your skills will be immediately updated in the matrix, saving your time and effort. Your new skill level allows everyone to see your progress and development.

Establish a seamless and manageable system to regulate and track attendance.

Skill Management

Find out why skill management is so important.

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Follow organization’s skill gaps with effective training

Understand the skill gaps across your organization and ensure them dedicated training to cover the competencies.


Training & Development

Align your employees´ abilities
with the company´s objectives.

Performance review helps to measure the improvement in skills carried out in an employee to ensure that the pieces fit together in the best possible way

Performance Reviews