Smart Asset Management

Smart Asset Management

Asset Management

Manage all your assets smoothly and hassle-free

Manage office assets

Save Time and Effort Involved in Managing the Assets

Managing assets can be frustrating. Our asset management system helps to track assets and monitor maintenance history, making it a smooth experience for you.

Locate, Manage and Track All Your Assets in One Place

Record Management

Record Management

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

barcode and QR code

Barcode & Qr Code

Keep a Record of All Your Assets in an Organized Way

Become hassle-free with an accurate, precise, and efficient way of record keeping of all your assets and other important information related to your assets.

Smart Asset Management

Standardize and streamline your asset management with consistency

unique identity for asset

Give a Unique Identity to Your Asset

Use Barcode and QR code generation for asset tagging and identification.

Reports and Analytics

Exploring data and reports in order to extract meaningful insights, which can be used to better understand and improve business performance. Export the visuals in different formats (pdf, png, jpeg, svg, excel).

Employee Reports and Analytics
Upload asset document directly

Upload Supporting Documents to Cloud Storage

Upload everything related to your asset like an invoice, warranty card, etc. to our cloud storage. Upload documents directly from your machine or through Dropbox.

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Bring modern compensation to life in your organization

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Collate information about your assets on a single platform