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Software Experts Award – BizMerlinHR Recieved 2 HR Management Software Awards

BizMerlinHR combines the easy, simple, efficient, and automated HR basics – saving everyone time and headspace to focus on the real ventures and problems people are solving – with AI-powered insights that allow companies to invest in their team and their business. And BizMerlinHR has just been recognized with two FinancesOnline awards: Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award – both, for their second consecutive year! We are on a roll!

Great User Experience 2018 Award

FinancesOnline, one of the leading B2B software review experts that pre-selects the best applications for businesses, has recently assessed BizMerlinHR. An exhaustive and thorough analysis gave BizMerlinHR an impressive score that brought it to FinancesOnline’s top 8 HR software solutions. This feat paved the way for BizMerlin to also be recognized with FinancesOnline prestigious awards.

Great User Experience Award

FinancesOnline recognized BizMerlin with the Great User Experience Award on their HR software list – BizMerlinHR scored 100 percent user satisfaction rating. Another important factor was BizMerlinHR customizability that allows organizations to effortlessly adapt the system to their culture, processes, business and integrate it easily into their existing setup.


In their review, FinancesOnline describes how BizMerlinHR efficiently streamlines a throng of HR-related tasks – automating the basics AND bringing HR insights and analytics to help organizations invest in their talent and grow. It all starts with a smart and solid and meaningful employee database.

Applicant Tracking System Feature

Another winning feature was BizMerlinHR’s applicant tracking system (ATS). FinancesOnline highlighted the system’s effectiveness to “attract and hire the best candidates” regardless of handled internally or externally. BizMerlinHR simplifies the talent search swiftly publishing job opportunities through various channels (Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and allowing to filter candidates and assess them collaboratively.


Especially gratifying was to see BizMerlinHR recognized for its performance management features and their direct impact in employee retention and boost in productivity. “BizMerlin has all the tools to ensure employee engagement and growth aligned to your company’s goals, vision, and mission,” said FinancesOnline’s experts.


BizMerlin was also awarded FinancesOnline’s Rising Star Award. FinancesOnline remarked several aspects of BizMerlin contributing to this award: the strength of the product together with the “very affordable” pricing and the “knowledgeable, responsive, and polite” customer support.


FinancesOnline concluded: “If you want a human resource management platform that does all the heavy lifting while bringing down operational costs and maximizing revenue, then you can’t go wrong with BizMerlin.”

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