A sub-processor is a third party data processor engaged by BizMerlin who has or potentially will have access to or process Service Data (which may contain Personal Data). BizMerlin engages different types of sub-processors to perform various functions as explained in the tables below.

BizMerlin uses the following subprocessors to assist in providing services:

Third Party Service/ Vendor Purpose Entity Country Website How to opt out Data processor Agreement
AWS Amazon Data hosting & Communications partner U.S AWS hosts the application, so you cannot opt-out. Addendum
Google Business Suite Email Partner and Analytics Partner U.S Google is our business partner, so you cannot opt out. Addendum
Twilio Communications technology provider U.S Let us know and we will opt you out. Addendum
Hubspot CRM U.S Let us know and we will opt you out. Addendum Chat Partner U.S Do not chat with us, rather send email to your account manager. Or send a request to your account manager to disable the chat for you. Addendum
Sovren Resume Parser U.S Do not parse the resume, rather add the resume manually. Addendum