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Voice Of Employee

Voice of Employee

Anonymous Surveys

Get a real understanding of activities going on within the organization by giving your employees complete anonymity, while sharing their thoughts. It’s a secure way to discuss everything: “what is causing problems in the workplace to what factors can grow the business”.

Anonymous Surveys
Extensible Look & Feel

Extensible Look and Feel

You can choose the way you want the questions to be laid out. Let’s say you want to show all the sections and questions at once. For this, select “All sections at once,”. And you may show one question at a time by selecting “One question at a time”.

Survey Analytics

A graphical depiction helps you to quickly analyze the survey responses. You get the count of the number of users who responded to each choice. This helps you to make the decision instantaneously and proficiently.

Boost Employee Engagement

Improved ‘Submission’ Feature

You can now manage the survey submission. If you set the submission to “Unlimited times,” the user will be able to submit the survey unlimited times using the same link. Similarly, if it is set to “Once,” the user will only be able to submit the survey only one time. 

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