Talent Acquisition

Streamline Candidate Lifecycle from Sourcing to Onboarding

Improve your candidate sourcing by publishing open positions on external job portals.
Utilize our robust set of features under the hiring menu to enrich the candidate
experience such as candidate tracking, position management, reference checks,
automated resume parsing, Candidate Assessment.

Job Board

Enrich your candidate experience with the accessible job board of your organization.

Monster Job

Expand your reach through our multichannel candidate sourcing through Monster, Ziprecruiter, Indeed.

Configurable Workflow

Save time and effort by assigning workflows for seamless onboarding of new hires.

Convert your Prospective Candidates into Employees.

Leverage Complete Set of Recruitment and  Onboarding Tools with BizMerlinHR  Talent Acquisition Process.


Talent Acquisition Tools

Explore BizMerlinHR's Talent Acquisition

Find, Hire, and Recruit Best Talent for Your Organization.

Recruitment/ ATS

Make Your Entire Hiring Much Transparent and Straightforward

  • Let applicants outreach to your company’s jobboard side.
  • Reduce the time spent posting and filling new positions.
  • Store templates for offerleter and assessment for your candidate.
  • Screen your candidates through our smart Reference Check feature.
  • Notify your hiring managers via emails for their to-do tasks in my assignment section.

Employee Onboarding

Convert Your Applicants from Hire to Superior Onboarding

  • Set up your onboarding steps according to your company’s needs.
  • Save HR’s time by using E-Sign and E- fill documents for new hires.
  • Make your uploading hassle-free with simple drag and drop in their docs tab.
  • Automate your onboarding workflows for timely completion of requirements.
  • Assign training to your new employees to make them perfect for your organization.

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Track candidates seamlessly. Improve applicant's experience. Hire best talent faster