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BizMerlinHR offers a comprehensive talent management solution, featuring career planning,
skill management, learning and development, and much more.

​Configure to Fit Your Organization to Provide a Unified Experience

Save time and
effort with
configurable HR

Paperless and painless mobile experience to work from anywhere

Connect your people with the essential tools they
need to adapt, grow, and be future ready.

Optimize your workplace productivity and engagement by leveraging BizMerlinHR’s
configurable talent planning tools and analytics. Transform your workforce so they
are equipped to meet evolving business demands

Explore BizMerlinHR's Talent Management

Attract, Retain, and Develop a Workforce That’s Ready for What’s Next

Human resources

Career Planning

Develop leaders and effortlessly map skills and competencies to goals and aspirations

Give your employees the visual roadmap they need to easily map skills and actions to the organization’s career growth.

Skill Management

Access, track, and grow skills of the workforce in one place to build future-ready talent

  • Work Smarter With BizMerlinHR’s skill Matrix
  • Individualize your view by filtering the data
  • Use targeted training resources to bridge skill gaps
Skill Management

Training and Development

Grow skills and career to make your business a success

  • Central Dashboard for Learning
  • Access the training remotely via iOS and Android apps
  • Improve Hiring with training
  • Stand Out with Refined Skills with individualized Trainings
  • Compliance Training to Reduce HR Burden

Retention Management

Understand the factors that make your best talent stay

  • Improve Employee Engagement by Giving Them a Voice
  • Give them the Recognition they Deserve
  • Track Problems With Intelligent Analytics

Workforce Planning

Plan and Schedule Resources with Confidence

  • See All Resourcing Plans at One Place!
  • Adapt Strategic Planning Suits Organization’s Goals
  • Envision the entire workforce tracking to produce accurate forecasts
  • Real-time People Analytics with intuitive dashboard

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