The Problem We Solve

  • BizMerlinHR is proven to be a sole system of records because of its expansive and comprehensive set of features.
  • Open API that enables integration with other systems quite easily.
  • BizMerlin Architecture allows both flexibility and intelligent insights.
Too Many Systems
Organizations are able to save 50% more time and streamline the processes by utilizing modern technology.
  • BizMerlinHR is a well established and well recognized HR system
  • System is scalable and configurable to your needs.
  • SaaS system that grows with you. Pay as you go model.
Stuck in Homegrown System
62% of our customers have come from their homegrown systems. Our customers have reported 97% increase in satisfaction after moving from homegrown system to BizMerlinHR.
  • Engage your workforce so that no matter where your employees are, you are always on top of your HR processes.
  • Centralized employee records for access anytime(supported in multiple languages).
  • Equip your team with clear objectives and well-defined pathways.
Current HR Vendor not keeping up with process complexity
HR Software for Mid to Large Organizations.
  • Integrates with 100+ other solutions, so you can build your own working environment to fit your needs.
  • Supports an open API, so you can push information to BizMerlinHR and have it pull information from other systems quite easily.
System not Integrable
BizMerlinHR integrates with Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google Suite, Office 365, Paylocity, ADP, Paychex, QB, Jira, Slack, Zoom.

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