Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Timesheets & Attendance

Comprehensive and intuitive workforce management for every organization

Clock In/Out

Track your attendance in 4 easy steps

Publish Employee Position

Publish Positions

In BizMerlin’s exclusive job board, in your website, in third party job boards

Manage, track and engage candidates

Centralized Applicant Tracking System

Candidates from all your different sources in just one place

Give your candidates a great experience

Candidate Applicant Portal

Give your candidates a great experience from minute one

Seamless Recruiting Workflow

Seamless Recruiting Workflows

Make the recruiting process a breeze to navigate, and report

My Time Cards

My Time Cards

Clock In

Clock In

Enter Project

Enter Project

Clock Out

Clock Out


The timesheets are used to track time an employee spent on a given task for a certain amount of time. From paper sheets with tabular entries to time-clock stamped pouncing cards, time sheets have developed into modern time sheet surveillance software accessible everywhere and anytime.

Employee Timesheet
Employee Portal Interface

Interface Incredibly Simple to Use

A simple, easy-to-use interface for working hours & a manager’s approval by submitting a timesheet. At the end of the period, employees can submit their timesheets for approval (e.g. weekly, biweekly or monthly). approved timesheets can be combined into a collective report which is very necessary for the payroll sector as well as for the HR Department.

Automatic Updates

Automatizing your timetable with our Clock In/Out feature – if an employee is away, the timetable will automatically reflect this. All you need to do is submit it for approval.

Automatic Clock In and Clock Out
Employee Approval Flows

Approval Flows

Set who approves timesheets for whom and allow your process to run behind the scenes.


Run fast and easy reports for approval of timesheets and overtime.

Employee Timesheet Reporting

Make your timesheet approvals smart and simple

ipad kiosk app

iPad Kiosk Application

  • Track time worked from any device. Convert any browser, tablet, or phone into a sophisticated employee clock in/clock out kiosk app.
  • No need to buy a cumbersome device, use the easily available iPad to deploy and access the app.
  • Use the BizMerlinHR Kiosk application on iPad on the entrances to track in and out time.

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A complete & automated solution for managing leaves

Streamline all the key areas of leave allocation, tracking, managing, and granting/rejecting leaves with employee self-leave tracking features.

Leave Management

Allow your employees to easily manage their data

Let your employees view their own schedules, check payroll, clock in and out, adjust timesheets, change their personal information, and more.

Employee Self Service

Establish a seamless and manageable system to regulate and track attendance.

Key Features

  • Configure working patterns
  • Simple interface to update hours
  • One-click timesheet report submissions
  • Multiple time entries can be added into one screen
  • Option to input manual time entries
  • Automatically pre-fill hours from time off data

Timesheets & Leave Management

How do we track Attendance?

Yes, our software has all configurable functionalities in it one of them is “My Time-cards” you can track your daily attendance by just clicking on our “Clock in and Clock out” feature.

How will the system manage the Night Shifts?

Depending upon the clock in and clock out time.

How will the system track time for Night Shifts?

The system will consider the clock in time for the timecard. Example: If you clocked in on Monday at 11 PM and clocked out on Tuesday at 7 AM. Then it will consider the total time between the clock in and clock out and will be displayed on Monday only.

Can we restrict users to log time in allocated projects only?

Users can be restricted to log time in allocated projects only. To do this:

Navigate to Settings- > Calendars, Timecards & PTO/Leave-> Timecards. Enable toggle for Allow timecards for allocated projects only.

How to approve a Leave Request?

It depends on the “Admin Access” setting. If a user is using software with admin access then He/She can approve one’s Leave by navigating to “Manage Leave Requests”.