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What is New in BizMerlinHR

Enhancements & New Features

Conditional Workflows

Make your workflows more robust by including conditional phases that only apply for a specific set of users, such as those in a specific job profile, org unit, or location.

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Seamless Employee Shift Scheduling

With improved functionality, you can now see previously created shifts as recommended shifts when creating a new shift in Roster.

Manage Email Templates Seamlessly

An improved version enables you to handle the email templates more explicitly. It shows where these templates are being used and what impact they might have on the existing workflows.

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Identify Project Admins by Associated Icon

Displayed admin symbol along with team member (allocated as project admin) has made the automated professional services page view more intuitively designed.

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View Employee Status on Employee Record Page

No need to look at the joining or leaving dates. The user status (future joiner or inactive user) can be seen on the employee record page.

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Taking Kiosk App’s Security to Next Level

Our Kiosk app’s security has been upgraded, and the QR code updates every 20 minutes.

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Electronically Sign Offer Letters

On receiving offer letters, make your candidate’s life easier by allowing them to sign offer letters electronically.

View History of Emails Sent to Employees through BizMerlinHR

Site admins can view an employee’s email history from the admin tab on the employee’s record page which allows admins to view the subject and date of the email sent to the employees.

Launch Performance Reviews or Check-ins through Workflows

Rather than creating individual performance reviews and check-ins, include them as a step in the workflow to bring time efficiency while keeping the track of employees progress.

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Multiple Project Timesheet Approvals for Project Admin

Timesheets including multiple projects can be approved by respective project admins. Create a custom approval flow using roles and groups as per your organization’s best processes.

View Project Org Charts

Under “Project Team” in Projects, you can view an org chart for the relevant project, which shows the hierarchy for that project’s team. Reporting within a project is independent of the overall organization-level reporting.

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View Overtime while Approving/Rejecting Timesheets

You don’t need to open a timesheet just to see regular and overtime hours logged. You can see all this information on the timesheet approval page right away.

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Expiry Alert on the Employee Record Page for License and Certification

Setting up the expiration date for the License and Certificate, you can receive a reminder popup 15 days before the expiration date.

Reward Users with Gift Cards

Create new award category and reward employees with different gift cards for their achievements.
Performance > Awards Categories > New Award Category

Add User’s Group from User Admin Tab

Add a specific user to the user group from the admin tab on the user record page instead of adding it from ‘Security & Permissions’ from the gear icon drop-down.

View Candidate Source on Candidate Homepage

You can view the source of each candidate on the homepage rather than go to a candidate detail page. Use this to track which channels are working for you and which ones are less effective.

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Upload User Docs from Mobile Application

We have made document handling simpler for mobile users as well, now you can upload documents from the mobile app with ease.

Track User’s Clock-in and Clock-out Location

Track location while clocking in or out using the mobile app.

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Mark Shift as Overtime

Effortlessly mark user shift as overtime while creating it from the roster.

Notify User while Creating or Approving Shifts in Roster

Now, you have an option to notify users when you create or approve the shifts for any user.

Roster Management in Projects

Organize user shifts/working hours seamlessly, and keep track of users’ schedules, availabilities, and shift preferences. You can also save the existing templates and create the new ones using the template library.

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Project Team Resourcing Plan based on Project Role and/or Job Profile

Create a project resourcing plan based on either user’s job profile or project role and identify gaps based on the same.

Improved Candidate Reference Checking in ATS

Add value to your candidate pool by creating a custom form, assigning it to an external user, and sending it to the references added by the candidate from the ‘Reference’ tab of the candidate record page to collect the feedback.

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Glimpse of User’s Permission in Admin Tab

Now you can click on the “User’s Permission” hyperlink in the admin tab to view all the user’s permissions.

Request Feedback from Co-Worker

You can request performance feedback from the coworkers and it can be saved in drafts for future reference. Also, you can see if the feedback has been already requested.

Autoscan Expense Reports

When you create a new expense report, simply upload the invoice image or receipt and an expense item will be created. System will try to parse the amount, the date, the description and other details.

Nested Workflows

Nest a workflow within a workflow as a step and assign it to the user as needed. Go to your setup menu, scroll down to “Forms, Workflows & Templates” and there you will be able to open the workflows.

Assign forms in bulk by department and/or location!

Send your forms or surveys to an entire department, location or company. For those times you are taking the pulse of the organization, or just ordering new t-shirts for the team!

Hiring? Create positions from existing User Profiles and Job Descriptions

You took the time to plan and define the profiles and job descriptions you needed for your organization– their responsibilities, required skills, etc. Now, leverage that effort to create new open positions based on those existing profiles with the click of a button.

Mass communicate with your pool of candidates!

Streamline the communication with your pool of candidates with personalized templates and mass-send options. Optimize your process while keeping your candidates excited and engaged.

Color code your Candidate Status

Red-amber-green? Grading blues? Multi-color rainbow? Your pool of candidates, your process, your choice!

Edit consolidated performance review results and publish them later

Now you can edit saved consolidated performance reviews, and publish them later, to allow for calibrations and adjustments

Is your Skill Matrix updated?

Now you can update skill levels during your performance review process!

Metrics, goals and now skills!

Import Skills to your performance review templates at the click of a button. Really knowing the expertise of your team is half the battle.

More options. Same tight permissions.

Now you can narrow even more your PTO Administration permission.

Now those with PTO Administration permission set up to ‘Direct Reports’ will be able to approve/reject leave requests for their own direct reports only.

Performance Reviews in bulk improved!

Launch performance reviews by user profile, department or location with the click of a button!

10 or 1000? Still one button!

Duplicate workflows!

If a workflow is working…

why reinvent the wheel?

Don’t start from scratch, build on existing workflows with the click of a button

Here are some ideas!

  • Onboarding and offboarding workflows
  • Candidates’ interview process
  • Annual trainings
  • Promotions

Importing Goals to Performance Reviews?

Now see goals’ details right there


  • See goals’ progress right there
  • Easily access the goals details and target dates

More of that BizMerlinHR’s

Performance Review Bliss

Now you can copy individual reviewer’s comments in bulk in your consolidation process. Anonymous or by Reviewer.

There goes your time back.

Company Goals right there

in your Dashboard

Now you can add also “Company Goals” to your Dashboard.

And you can keep editing your dashboard by adding, deleting, or moving the tiles around, so your dashboard stays meaningful to you.

Go to your Setup menu, scroll down to “Look & Feel”, and there you will be able to “Configure your Dashboard”

More Permissions … More Power to You

Now you can set up permissions per individual custom field, so you can determine who can edit a field, and who can see it!

Just go to the Custom Field’s Advanced Settings Section, and you are in charge.

Copy goals feature for…


  • Recurrent goals that happen every month
  • Borrowing that colleague’s creativity when phrasing just what you wanted to say
  • Starting your new month quick and easy

ZipRecruiter & BizMerlinHR Integration

Combine two AI powerhouses and put them to work for you

Create your positions in BizMerlinHR, and publish them in ZipRecruiter for free with the click of a button

Note: YOU DO NOT NEED to have an account in ZipRecruiter to publish your open positions there and benefit from their reach and distribution.


Better Workflows mean:

… better onboarding, better hiring process,
better training cycles …

  • Enhanced Workflow view
  • Easier to delete and edit Phases
  • Relative due dates for your convenience
  • Link to dos to: documents to read, documents to sign, trainings to take

New Setup Menu

Easier to get started and set things up

  • Simplified categories
  • Easier to delete and edit Phases
  • Less clicks away to set things up

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Indeed & BizMerlinHR Integration

Reach 200 millions of potential qualified candidates that visit Indeed monthly

Create your positions in BizMerlinHR, and publish them in Indeed for free with the click of a button

Note: YOU DO NOT NEED to have an account in Indeed to publish your open positions there and benefit from their reach and distribution