This is how Bizmerlin's Solutions are improving our Customers's Business

  • Electronic Document Signing

    No more time spent in document management! Sign your documents right here and file them all in one place!

  • Timesheets

    Track your time for easy invoicing and planning

  • Track your time off

    Easily track your time off and submit time off plans for approvals

  • Workflows

    Create workflows of tasks and easily assign them so you can easily track progress and completion

  • Notifications & Reminders

    Everyone on top of their game, with smart notifications and reminders all along the way. Never miss an update, a deadline or a task again!

  • Smart Reports

    Beautiful built-in reports or customize them as you need them. Export reports at any time with a simple click!

  • Roles and permissions

    You easily manage what team members can access depending on what is relevant to them!

  • Social Feedback Feed

    Keep your teams motivated and engaged with a culture of great feedback and celebration through company-wide or individual walls to share

  • Mobile App

    Access everything, any time, any where at the click of a button! iOS and Android

  • Customized Profiles

    Easily keep a people data base that is relevant adding and customizing profile fields!

  • Flexible and configurable

    Customizable all around to make your HR Management system reflective of your organization, your culture and your environment

  • Easy and intuitive

    BizMerlin looks beautiful and is intuitive at all levels – whether you are a user or an admin for the system