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You are in the HR Management Team, your company is growing and spreadsheets got too complicated to manage!

You love people, and that is why you went into HR management. Now you are spending most of your time fighting a spreadsheet and keeping up with your own system that used to work but, not any more! Too many files, too big, stored in too many folders. If they are shared, you are always anxious someone will break them, if you don’t, all your time goes into.. keeping it up!

Centralized Database!

You are a project manager, and need better tools to support your role as a coach and mentor to the team members

You are good at what you do! But your old tools are not keeping up with the increasing number of projects on your plate. You know projects are way more than meeting milestones, deadlines and profitability, and you take pride in taking care of your team members for their growth and satisfaction!

Interactive Goals Instant Feedback Performance Assessments

You are a decision maker and you need accurate information about your team at the click of a button!

You are all about action, but gathering info is slowing you down. You are wasting your time searching in different sources, manually sorting incomplete data the way you need it…and by the time you try to make sense of it all for great decision making, you are already exhausted…

Smart Reports & Analytics

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You are about to welcome those new employees you spent so much time hiring and want to make sure they have the best on boarding experience!

Bringing new people into the team is always exciting, but instead of taking the time to really getting to know them, you are dreading the amount of time it takes to launch, track and complete all the needed paper work for compliance, training and other initial welcoming tasks!

Easy On Boarding

Electronic Document Signature

You are leading talent search efforts for your team, but keeping track of postings, candidates and interviewer assessments have consumed all your productive time!

Things are going well, business is increasing and you and the team are already stretched. You know you need to hire, but you just can’t put more long hours in posting jobs in multiple channels, tracking and managing candidates, consolidating assessments…

Talent Search & Candidate Management

You are the HR Manager and performance cycle is coming up!


Tracking and shuffling performance review papers back and forth from manager to manager, from department to department has become too draining a task. You know your energy should be invested in making sure your team is happy and growing!

Performance Assessment

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Eric Cash / President/CEO, Crawford Cash Consulting Group

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