Comprehensive Workforce Planning Software

BizMerlinHR helps you optimize your workforce acquisition, allocation and management.

A unique characteristic of BizMerlinHR is that you are able to accomplish optimal allocation from within your core HR software, with no additional data connections to setup. Further, BizMerlin seamlessly integrates with your CRM system to automatically utilize the forecast data. You can control exactly how and when the sales forecast data gets used.

Key Benefits

  • Easily view over-committed and under-committed team members, both now and in the future
  • Produce reliable forecasts for optimal planning of workforce for upcoming opportunities
  • Easily identify skills gaps in your team to cover future projects and opportunities and plan strategic talent development

Key Considerations in Optimal Allocation Management

One of the unique challenges of optimal workforce planning is that both your workforce (supply side) and projects (demand side) are notoriously hard to predict. When the economy is good, it makes the projects easier to predict, but the workforce becomes extremely hard to procure. Further, in such a setting, it becomes extremely difficult to predict whether a key resource that is expected to join, will eventually join or not. When the economy is bad, it makes it easier to identify and recruit the requisite workforce, but it becomes extremely difficult to predict whether any specific work opportunity (project) will successfully close or not. BizMerlinHR works well in both of these settings.

By leveraging machine learning in your own context, BizMerlinHR is able to more accurately predict and create more optimized plans of action. Further, by utilizing the success data from your HR system, it continues to learn and improve itself. The more you use the system, the smarter it gets.

Integrate with your financial planning systems

Any workforce system has numerous implications. BizMerlinHR understands your software ecosystem. By integrating with your other applications, BizMerlinHR ensures that you are able to consider all inputs. Further, its open API ensures that you eliminate any double entry.