Enterprise Resource Management BizMerlin is the enterprise resource management solution of choice for teams performing excellent services across multiple projects. Thousands of outstanding teams choose BizMerlin to acquire, manage, allocate and retain their team members. Completely cloud based application available via all your favorite web browsers.


Resource Allocation

Visualize and allocate your resources across projects optimally. Avoid over and under-booking blunders. Structure the teams for success.  

Resource Forecasting

Monitor current resources, future joiners, over committed and underutilized resources, and resource activity. Reallocate over burdened or underutilized resources.  

Performance Management

Manage the performance of your entire team – set goals, conduct appraisals and performance reviews.  

Skill Matrix

Measure and document each skill. Identify the gaps. Train your resources well. Create a custom set of skills that are relevant to your workforce.  

Retention Analysis

Retain your best talent. Setup custom rules to analyze special characteristics of turnover. Constantly monitor risk factors to determine who is leaving, when, and why.

Hiring Automation

Faster and easier way to fill the positions internally (thanks to skill matrix and Resource Utilization) or externally through transparent candidate interview process.

Financial Management

Efficiently track revenues, costs, and overhead by resource and project. Model resource allocation scenarios and discover opportunities to increase revenue. Effectively visualize historical performance and future trends.  

Bank Account Analysis

Analysis of financial transactions to detect categories of high risk money laundering, or other malicious behaviors. Monitors all related transactions, including cash.

We provide solutions and services to federal agencies

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Application Development

Our application development services are geared to meet the unique requirements of start-ups. We help to turn your ideas into reality.  

Data Services

We have expertise in handling a wide range of technology platforms across the various focus areas of a big data initiative ranging from capture, store and process to analyze.  

IT Infrastructure

We recognize the fact that your company hardware and network forms the foundation of your entire IT infrastructure.  

Mobile Application Development

We develop native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and windows as well as mobile web apps.  


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