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business management

BizMerlin is a complete business management software platform.

We founded BizMerlin because we believe that managing your business should be fun, not painful. You should cater to the challenges that are unique to your business, not be bothered with the logistics of running it. Your team should have the best tools at their tips, and have fun in their work day. They should be able to focus on their actual task, not on the task management software. Your sales team should be able to analyze each customer's unique requirements, not struggle with learning a cumbersome sales tracking solution. Your HR should focus on providing a great service to your employees, not bother them with filing twenty different forms. Your CEO should be able to focus on ensuring that the right people on the bus are in the right seats, not burdened by constantly trying to remember who reports to whom.

There are numerous questions that every business has. For example, can you predict the right set of skills that your projects need to succeed? Can you deeply analyze the projects that are going very, very well, and the projects that are "yellow", and learn how the team composition may be affecting the results? Can you then use the lessons to accurately predict exactly what kind of resources you should hire, and when? With BizMerlin, indeed you can.

BizMerlin is one system where your team members can start and finish their day. They can review their task assignments, complete their tasks, log their status reports and know what is on their agenda. When everyone knows what they are supposed to do, and how their individual work units create value together to create a successful outcome, it automatically leads to harmony and value creation.